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Are there things in your life you need to change?

Hypnotherapy, gives you a chance to get on and enjoy your life fast!

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My name is Renu. I am an entrepreneur with a background in coaching, hypnosis, mindset, and success. I was born and brought up in India. When I was twenty months old, my father had died causing devastation among my whole family. Although I did not have any memories of my father, there was still a void left in my life, the safety, the serenity, and the love.

From the start, I was introverted and quiet person. When I was young, my uncle would frequently come over and he would say unnecessary comments, such as, “Renu, I think you have a tongue tie, why are you so quiet?” or “Maybe we should go to the doctor and get you checked out”. Due to hearing this at an early age, it caused me to develop several insecurities, which affected my self-esteem level terribly. As a child, I was bullied constantly and thought “I’m not good enough and I’m not capable.” Because of this I was not outgoing and did not have many friends or anyone to talk to for moral support.

All my life, I had limiting beliefs and did not know how to properly deal with it. I was depressed, unhappy, and totally out of alignment with my inner being. I suffered in silence all alone, but eventually found out how wrong I was for dealing with my situation this way. I reached to the stage of anxiety, stress, and severe depression that I needed to seek medical attention, even tried psychotherapy and counselling.

After years of trying personal development, meditation, and motivational videos, I came across HYPNOTHERAPY. It immediately felt like a calling, and something I was looking for all this time.  As I did the work, I began to heal from old wounds, removed limiting beliefs, reprogrammed my subconscious mind, and raised my level of self-worth. I started to notice real shifts in my REALITY.

As I began to live the life I really wanted, for the first time I actually felt in-charge of it. I started to feel confident, joyful, fearless, and free. Because it impacted my life immensely, I decided that I wanted to help others who are going through the same thing I did and became a Hypnotherapist myself and now, I passionately run Renew Life Hypnosis Center.

I received hypnosis training at one of the finest hypnotherapy schools in Bellingham, Washington, and now I am a certified 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist, and a 7th Path self-hypnosis teacher. I have helped many people reduce their traumas, childhood abuse, anxiety, low self-esteem, low confidence, anger, guilt, and excessive behaviors, such as smoking, eating too much, shopping etc.

I am eager to help clients needing to release what is held in their subconscious that is holding them back, and even affecting their physical health. We are at times blocked from success in our lives by unbalances and memories that are buried in the subconscious mind. When Subconscious memories and blocked emotions put into proper perspective, can be released so the body can heal. Once discovered, I use certain tools and techniques to help release them and form a new way of subconscious thinking.

I provide a safe and comfortable environment to work together to compassionately transform others’ lives. I will show you who you are. Discover your magic. Master your mindset, and you will manifest your dream life. Stop settling for less than you deserve in life. Start manifesting the life you deserve.

Create the life you always wanted!

With Hypnotherapy, I can help you alleviate:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Remove Fears
  • Remove Habits
  • Drug Abuse
  • Motivation
  • Public Speaking
  • Anger Issues
  • Abuse Issues
  • Concentration
  • Test Anxiety
  • Procrastination
  • Weight Loss
  • Relationships
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Pain Management
  • Stage Fright
  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-Confidence
  • Shyness
  • Improve Mood
  • Children’s Issues
    And, More…
For more information or to book an appointment with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Certified Hypnotist

National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.
Merrimack, New Hampshire USA

Certification of 5-Path Hypnotist

Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services Inc.
Dallas, Texas USA

7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher

Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services Inc.
Dallas, Texas USA

Master Hypnotist

Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services Inc.
Dallas, Texas USA


Lose Weight

Do you have trouble losing weight? Or would you like to lose faster? You’ve come to the right place. Get ready for weight loss without hunger.

STOP Smoking

Are you ready to stop smoking? I can put together the best ways to kick the habit, get the support you need, and remain smoke-free for good.

Feel More Confident, Successful & Motivated

Take control of your self-confidence. If you are low in self-confidence, it is possible to do things that will change that? I can help you to know yourself and kill negative thoughts.

Manage Stress & Anxiety

Is anxiety stealing the peaceful sleep of yours and sabotaging your confidence, turning your stomach into knots, and impacting your general wellbeing. I can help you to squash the uncomfortable consequences of stress and anxiety.

Anger Management

If you feel constantly frustrated and angry no matter what you try. Your temper causes problems at work or in your relationships. Consider professional help for anger management!

Gain Freedom from Fears/ Phobias

Let go of those fears & phobias that keep holding you back. It’s time to really and truly tune into you and more importantly truly honor your dreams and goals.

Manage Alcohol Use

Alcoholism is a severe form of alcohol abuse and involves the inability to manage drinking habits. I can help you in reducing your drinking habits.

Healing from Past Experiences

One of the main reasons preventing you from being a Happy could be that you are not fully healed from painful past experiences. Get healed from past experiences.

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Hypnotherapy, gives you a chance to get on and enjoy your life fast!

Its Safe, 100% Natural,
and Drug-free.

How Does Hypnosis Work to Help People Quit Smoking?

How Does Hypnosis Work to Help People Quit Smoking?

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Can Smoking Take A Toll on Your Sex Life? Let’s Dig In!

Can Smoking Take A Toll on Your Sex Life? Let’s Dig In!

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Why Is Anger Management Important?

Why Is Anger Management Important?

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How effective is Hypnosis?

Results of Comparative Study by American Health Magazine:


38% recovery

after 600 sessions

Behaviour Therapy

72% recovery

after 22 sessions


93% recovery

after 6 sessions

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I felt very confidente as soon as I met Renu. She is very professional and passionate about hypnosis. She is very attentive to others and give the best of herself.

Nancy Hafermann

Renu is a smart, insightful and caring hypnotist. I highly recommend her!

Erika Flint

Renu is such a pleasure to work with. The chair and office is warm and inviting, and her compassion and attention to detail was remarkably powerful. I highly recommend working with her!

Jillian Harrison

Renu is a very compassionate and perceptive hypnosis professional. I surprised myself at how easily I went into hypnosis and changed my life and my attitude for the better. What a positive wonderful experience!

Peter Charles

It is one of the most profound things that has ever happened to me. She gave me extraordinary experience in just 1 session. I was badly addicted to smoking since last 15 years & it made me control my temptation for a longer period of time. It was unbelievable for me. Through hypnosis, she was able to guide me into my own subconscious in order to clarify my goals and work through some of my blockades. I didn’t really know what to expect and was a bit skeptic as this was my first time being hypnotized. However, I felt in control at all times and actually really enjoyed the process. I would now genuinely recommend it to anyone who wants to experience change in their lives 🙂

Olivia Shepherd

I am happier than I have ever been. I am actually enjoying life and can find all the positives. I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to talk all the time but still was able to get to the root off my issues.


Doctor Renu is a wonderful person to work with. She changed me life and the way I think. I am grateful that I got the chance to work with her and with myself. She gave me a new confidence and self believe. She is very welcoming and caring. I loved how she would explain everything she would do and would teach me how the brain works and why we think the way we do. I highly recommend her if you want to see positive change and growth in all areas of your life. She always made me feel very comfortable like a family member. Thank you Renew Life 🙏

Trishla Devi

Renu is the Best in Surrey Guys. me and my mom went to her and we r so impressed and happy with her service its almost unbelievable
Highly Recommend
Many Thanks from Amrita Maharaj and Trishla

Sushiela Maharaj

My experience with Renu was amazing. I feel energized, happy, confident and wonderful. Thank you so much Renu. She was very professional and outstanding. She made me comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for permanent change in their lives!

Preeti Talati

Renu is very caring an professional. I really enjoyed working with her. She is so knowledgeable about what she is doing. sessions with hew is helping me to lose weight and me mindful of my eating.

Rajni Gera

Working with Renu has been one of my best decisions that I made for my personal growth. Renu is an authentic and heartfelt professional.
She provided me knowledge and made me comfortable. Her step-by-step guidance helped me to overcome my fears, past traumas and build confidence. Now, I feel a totally a new person, I realized my self-worth.

Even though, initially I was reluctant, since I wanted to come out of my struggles and reprogram my mind, decided to give hypnosis a try. I can honestly say after only a few sessions with Renu, I have found my experience very transformative.
I would highly recommend Renew Life Hypnosis to anyone who is desperate for a change, you won’t regret your decision. Thank you Renu!

The Truth

I have been through hypnosis before. This was totally different, I feel this is the best thing I have done for myself. A weight seems to be lifted off of me. I didn’t even know I was carrying it. Absolutely AMAZING experience.


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