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We all have some sort of fears within us, and it is nothing but a very healthy and natural reaction to any danger. It is our natural survival instinct that helps us to escape and avoid any threatening situation. However, phobias are different, and of course, a lot more intense than fears. When a person is phobic to someone or something, it can lead to significant panic and anxiety attacks. Hypnosis for phobias is a great way to deal with such situations.

Phobias are a result of unrealistic and exaggerated fear of a specific object or situation. If there is something that a person must face regularly, it undoubtedly causes depression and anxiety. Moreover, it is a significant disruption in daily life, leading to the inability to live the life to the fullest. When a person goes through fearful circumstances, the phobia will hold him back from performing daily activities. Overall, it is a highly distressful situation.

Just like various psychological problems, there is not one specific reason causing phobias. Instead, there is usually a cluster of factors that lead to such a distressful situation. One of the most common reasons why fear hypnosis works is because the phobia may be rooted deep inside you for years.

For example, you may have experienced a particularly stressful or rough flight as a child. This may create a permanent trauma in your mind leading to a phobia. Hypnosis to overcome fear is the last resort when nothing else works for you. Sometimes, it may also be a derived symptom. For example, you may see someone scared of ghosts, and automatically you start feeling anxious, leading to phobia.

Some studies suggest phobias can be genetic too. Therefore, being prone to anxiety can be congenital for some people. On the other hand, prolonged stress and depression can lead to phobia too. Irrespective of the cause, it is good to be aware of hypnotherapy for phobias near me. We can seek support whenever needed.


How Does It Work?

Phobias are significant problems in your subconscious mind. Therefore, self-explaining is not very effective, and our bodies still react to phobic situations. Renew Life hypnosis aims to reach the root of the problem and help you change your reaction towards the phobia. The therapist will assist you to reach a wonderful state of hypnosis and help you control your mind in the best way to overcome phobias.


Our Hypnosis for Phobias Program is available in Surrey, Langley, Cloverdale, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, and Vancouver. Call us at (604) 657-3344 or send us an email whenever you want to book a hypnotherapy session with us. We have a list of satisfied clients who have come to us again because of effective sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is phobia a mental problem? Can it be treated?

Yes, phobias are considered mental health disorders that can be treated safely and effectively. Phobias cause overwhelming fear and anxiety when encountering specific objects or situations. Overcoming phobias with hypnosis is highly effective because it reprograms the subconscious mind and changes the brain’s response to phobic triggers. Hypnosis can help overcome phobias with customized hypnosis sessions.

What are the causes of phobia?

Phobias often originate from a traumatic or distressing experience, usually occurring in childhood. They can also develop through learned behavior by observing others react fearfully. In some cases, genetics and brain chemistry imbalances can predispose someone to developing phobias. Understanding the root causes of the phobia with hypnosis helps rewire the brain’s associations.

Which is the hardest phobia to cure?

Agoraphobia, the fear of situations where escape is intricate or help unavailable, is considered the most challenging phobia to treat. It may require more intensive therapy. But hypnotherapy can successfully help reframe thoughts, replace panic with calm, and regain control.