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Renu is kind, patient, trustworthy and caring in her approach towards clients. I always took something valuable away from the services, and her methods and service helped me overcome my struggles and ideas formed from past incidences that negatively impacted me in present. Definitely recommend her services!!

Avneet Patel

Working with Renu has been absolutely life changing for me. I went to Renu feeling lost, insecure, full of anger and fear, and overall unhappy with my life. I never really understood the root of my problems and why I felt the way I did.

I was doubtful at first when I started because I didn’t believe those thoughts could ever leave me. Renu really helped me understand and identify my feelings, as well as why I was feeling a certain emotion.

I never knew that all my past traumas and experiences were still impacting me in my every day life. Working with Renu helped me realize this and really forgive and move on from my past. Once I started to do that, I started feeling lighter and happier than ever. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me, all thanks to Renu.

Not only did the hypnosis help me get better control of my emotions but it also helped me have more control over my own mind by being more confident and having self discipline which has made me so much more productive in my day to day life.

This process made me so thankful for my life and all the people around me; my relationships with family and friends definitely grew to new levels that I thought I would never achieve.

This is defiantly an experience I will never forget. Everyday I feel happier and at peace.

Kiran Chahal

Renu is a very passionate, attentive caring and professional hypnotherapist. She made me feel very comfortable and helped a lot with my chronic issues. I feel much stronger and confident after my sessions. I highly recommend her services.

Navi S

I have been through hypnosis before. This was totally different, I feel this is the best thing I have done for myself. A weight seems to be lifted off of me. I didn’t even know I was carrying it. Absolutely AMAZING experience.

The Truth

Working with Renu has been one of my best decisions that I made for my personal growth. Renu is an authentic and heartfelt professional.
She provided me knowledge and made me comfortable. Her step-by-step guidance helped me to overcome my fears, past traumas and build confidence. Now, I feel a totally a new person, I realized my self-worth.

Even though, initially I was reluctant, since I wanted to come out of my struggles and reprogram my mind, decided to give hypnosis a try. I can honestly say after only a few sessions with Renu, I have found my experience very transformative.
I would highly recommend Renew Life Hypnosis to anyone who is desperate for a change, you won’t regret your decision. Thank you Renu!

Rajni Gera

Renu is very caring an professional. I really enjoyed working with her. She is so knowledgeable about what she is doing. sessions with hew is helping me to lose weight and me mindful of my eating.

Preeti Talati

My experience with Renu was amazing. I feel energized, happy, confident and wonderful. Thank you so much Renu. She was very professional and outstanding. She made me comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for permanent change in their lives!

Sushiela Maharaj

Renu is the Best in Surrey Guys. me and my mom went to her and we r so impressed and happy with her service its almost unbelievable
Highly Recommend
Many Thanks from Amrita Maharaj and Trishla

Trishla Devi

Doctor Renu is a wonderful person to work with. She changed me life and the way I think. I am grateful that I got the chance to work with her and with myself. She gave me a new confidence and self believe. She is very welcoming and caring. I loved how she would explain everything she would do and would teach me how the brain works and why we think the way we do. I highly recommend her if you want to see positive change and growth in all areas of your life. She always made me feel very comfortable like a family member. Thank you Renew Life 🙏


I am happier than I have ever been. I am actually enjoying life and can find all the positives. I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to talk all the time but still was able to get to the root off my issues.
Olivia Shepherd

It is one of the most profound things that has ever happened to me. She gave me extraordinary experience in just 1 session. I was badly addicted to smoking since last 15 years & it made me control my temptation for a longer period of time. It was unbelievable for me. Through hypnosis, she was able to guide me into my own subconscious in order to clarify my goals and work through some of my blockades. I didn’t really know what to expect and was a bit skeptic as this was my first time being hypnotized. However, I felt in control at all times and actually really enjoyed the process. I would now genuinely recommend it to anyone who wants to experience change in their lives 🙂

Peter Charles

Renu is a very compassionate and perceptive hypnosis professional. I surprised myself at how easily I went into hypnosis and changed my life and my attitude for the better. What a positive wonderful experience!

Jillian Harrison

Renu is such a pleasure to work with. The chair and office is warm and inviting, and her compassion and attention to detail was remarkably powerful. I highly recommend working with her!

Erika Flint

Renu is a smart, insightful and caring hypnotist. I highly recommend her!

Nancy Hafermann

I felt very confidente as soon as I met Renu. She is very professional and passionate about hypnosis. She is very attentive to others and give the best of herself.