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Did you notice any changes in your sexual health and interest? Is sex feels boring to you? Are you a chain smoker or smoke occasionally?

Well, you probably are familiar with the fact that smoking causes cancer and increases the risk of heart diseases as well. But, did you know that it also creates difficulty to have an erecting, brutally impacts fertility, and on top, promotes sexual diseases? Of course not! Else you would have given up on or quit smoking, right?

How Smoking Affects Your Sexual Health

Whether you believe it or not, here we will share discuss how smoking affects your sexual health.

1. It impacts sexual performance

No matter you are puffing one cigarette or smoking a whole pack, it can affect your erection. Certainly, sexual arousal needs great circulation, but many substances in cigarettes compress the blood vessels leading to a significant decrease in erectile performance. Many studies revealed there is a direct link between tobacco consumption and erectile dysfunction.  Many studies also showed that erectile dysfunction in chain smokers and regular smokers are as high as 40%. Blood circulation issues can also lead to vagina dryness and reduction in sexual arousal. Furthermore, as already stated that circulation problems are the main physical cause of erectile dysfunction, erectile issues can be a warning sign of broader cardiovascular illnesses shortly.

2. It leads to a loss of libido and rapid climax

In both men and females, smoking brutally impacts the testosterone level. Smoking cigarettes doubles carbon monoxide levels in the human body, which as a result, hinders the production of testosterone, eventually bringing down the libido. Plenty of studies have also shown that the average ejaculation time for a smoker is extremely less in comparison to a non-smoker.

3. It affects fertility

The negative impacts of smoking are just not restricted to arousal and erection problems alone. It also lessens the fertility in males and females (making it harder to conceive and also affecting the chances of having healthy pregnancy). Moreover, males who fail to quit smoking have lower sperm count, slow-moving sperm, and abnormalities in sperm shape and function. On the other hand, in women or females, smoking accelerates the loss of eggs and speeds up infertility. In addition, cigarette smoke also interferes with the ovarian cells’ ability to produce estrogen and causes more eggs with genetic abnormalities.

4. It doubles the risk of certain sexual diseases

Smoking any sort of tobacco is already known to be interlinked with immunological changes and more risk for certain infections. Plenty of illnesses such as sexual infections or Peyronie’s disease, an abnormality of the penis, can be activated or aggravated by tobacco. Researchers or scientists from John Hopkins Medicine have also discovered a link between exposure to tobacco and the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus type. This virus is usually believed to boost the risk of mouth and throat cancers.

So, these were just the tip of the iceberg. There is much that is yet to be revealed. Therefore, be mindful and quit smoking as early as possible. You can even seek help from hypnotists, as hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to get rid of smoking!